Supporting the Programme

It is Possible only with your Support and Contributions

It takes a village to raise a child, and also much resources and expertise to make a measurable impact and change for our programme participants. We would like to rely on contributions, volunteers, crowd-sourced expertise and partnerships in order for our programme to be sustainable, scalable and impactful.

Volunteer Your Time and Expertise

Be a Mentor or Coach

Serve as a mentor, coach, advisor and motivator. We need more people like you to tend to more participants!

Examples of Skills areas and Coaches that we Need:

  • Life Mentor | Industry Mentors

  • Life Coach | Career Coaches

  • Skills Coaches in any area, not limited to the following

    • IT and Computer Skills

    • Web Development

    • Graphic Design

    • Programming

    • Marketing

    • Business

    • Cooking, Baking

    • Barista/ Tea Master

Supporting Roles

Offer your time or expertise to help us with liaison, outreach or facilitation work.

Examples of Supporting Roles that we need:

  • Liaison/ befriender: Ensure the well-being and monitor progress of a participant.

  • Outreach and Marketing: To help promote and grow the programme.

  • Administration and Secretarial Work: Documentation and paperwork.

  • Finance and Fund-Raising: Help to raise funds and to ensure transparency in financial management.

  • Web and IT Development: To help maintain and grow our web presence and IT resources.

  • Manager/ Directorial: Taking the lead in one aspect of the programme.

  • Misc Supporting Role: To provide support in any capacity based on needs.

Make Donations and Contributions

Sponsor a Participant

Support the costs of running the programme for one participant/beneficiary. You can make a difference in the life of a person!

Contribute Work Tools and Opportunities

Tools to help in learning, and for work.


  1. Digital Skills - Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Internet Access

  2. Living Support - Food and Transport Vouchers

  3. Subscriptions for Internet, Software, co-working Spaces.

Make a One-Time Donation

Contributions will go towards running the administrative and operational costs of hosting the programme and its participants.

Partnerships and other Contributions

Invest in Businesses under Incubation

Provide income opportunity to our participants

Be a Patron

Support the running costs of our operations for a year or more. This will ensure our programmes will have no interruptions and have maximum impact.

Offer Jobs/ Internship/ Apprenticeship Opportunities

Provide income opportunity and real-world learning experiences to our participants.

Let Us Know How You Would Like to Help!

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