The People Developer Programme


Guidance | Learning | Work Experience | Income Opportunities

to empower individuals to

Earn Sustainable Income in The Gig Economy, Industry 4.0 Careers or via Entrepreneurship, Startups & Businesses

The People Developer Programme (PDP) Overview

The People Developer Programme is a series of service offerings Organised by Teach a Man to Fish and her programme partners.

Meant as a long term commitment, it is recommended to be taken in stages and in sequence.

Stage 1 & 2 Guidance and Learning

    • You can choose one of four tracks depending on where you are in life right now. Life Mentor, Education, Industry & Career Coaching.
      • Stage 1 involves guidance/ mentoring/ coaching to help you find the best path forward, and
      • Stage 2 is where you will embark on a customised learning programme to help you develop the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for application.

Stage 3 Work Experience

    • Once you have the pre-requisite competencies, an industry mentor will assist you to intern at, be an apprentice or attend on-the-job trainings with our partner startups.
    • Here, you will apply the skills you have learnt and experience what it is like to work in a startup/ company to see if it is a good fit for you.
    • or Apply and hone in your skills in social projects, to test out your abilities and at the same time do some good.

Stage 4 Gigs/ Employment/ Business Opportunities

    • Once you are confident and independent, we will invest in you, providing you with opportunities to
      • Earn some income via Gigs and causal projects or have part-time or full-time employment with established employers
      • support you in your entrepreneurial journey, assisting you to set up or be part of an existing startup or a business.

Our Goals and Values

Developing The Human Potential

Every Individual has the potential to improve and grow, as long as one has the right attitude, commitment and dedication to hard work.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have had good teachers, or an environment that can help us excel and do well in areas that we want.

We believe that with the right guidance, support and opportunities, we can be part of the journey to those who want to achieve and grow!

Our Values

  • Adapting to Change and Paradigm Shift
  • Engaging in Life-Long Learning
  • Shifting to Sustainable Employment or Business
  • Opportunities for those who seek it

Who are our Programmes For?

Seeking a Best fit between Participants and Programme Partners

Although this programme is designed for everyone, it is best suited to those who require more guidance and in need of hand-holding support. As this in an advocacy effort, fees are kept low and more resources are put in, in order to reach out to those who need it. If you would like more professional and dedicated services, please look up for our Portfolio of Professional Services here. We would also appreciate those who are able to contribute, to do so here!

We would like to support the following individuals:

Students/ Under Graduates


Housewives/ Househusbands

Employment Seekers

Mid-Career Switchers

Stuck in Careers

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Startup Founders

Foreign Workers

Lost in Life/ Need Guidance

Seeking Growth Change

People Needing Assistance

Our Programme Partners and Sponsors

Lemon Juice and Biscuit

In Need of Financial or Resource Support?

Sometimes you may be in a position where you need financial and non-financial support in order to move ahead in life. We have a variety of support options available to help you on your way.

Study + Internship/ Apprenticeship Bursary

For students who missed out on opportunities to study, and require financial assistance to continue and complete their basic education and at the same time, opportunities to work and earn to support themselves.

People Developer Programme With Sponsorship

To assist with the betterment of lives of deserving individuals by providing financial aid or material support whilst they pursue the People Developer Programme and its outcomes.

Venture Capital (VC) Investment and Venture Building (VB)

For enterprising individuals with strong commitment and aptitude to do business, we will strive to provide the capital and/or business support to assist you in your entrepreneural journey.

I Want to Contribute to the Programme!


Offer your time or expertise to help us with liaison, outreach or facilitation work.

Be a Mentor or Coach

Serve as a mentor, coach, advisor and motivator. We need more people like you to tend to more participants!

Contribute Resources

Work tools like laptops, mobiles, living aids like internet, food and transport vouchers will go a long way.

Sponsor a Participant

Support the costs of running the programme for one participant/beneficiary. You can make a difference in the life of a person!

Make a One-Time Donation

Contributions will go towards running the administrative and operational costs of hosting the programme and its participants.

Offer Jobs/ Internship/ Apprenticeship Opportunities

Provide income opportunity and real-world learning experiences to our participants.

Invest in Businesses under Incubation

Provide income opportunity to our participants

Be a Patron

Support the running costs of our operations for a year or more. This will ensure our programmes will have no interruptions and have maximum impact.

Be a Programme Partner!

Have a service that might help our programme? Be our partner and see how we can synergise to create more impact!

Contact Us!

Let us know if you have any inquiries or concerns. You may use the form or email us at